About Me.

Climate Designer with simply too many houseplants.
Hi, I’m Rachel. I am a self-taught product designer based in New York City with a background in visual arts and software development. During daylight hours, I work on podcasting at Spotify. I’m also cooking up something weird and exciting as a resident of The Strange Foundation Decelerator.

I host monthly meetups for creatives pushing for climate action in their work through Climate Designers, and I mentor aspiring designers through Student Office Hours.

In my free time I sketch, box, and listen to an extraordinarily large quantity of podcasts. I talk a lot about plants, farmers markets, and food as a social medium. You can also check out what I’m up to in the links below.

I graduated from New York University in December 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Before that, I was on the Experience Design team at Airbnb. I was previously a KP Design Fellow at DoorDash and participated in the IDEO CoLab. I also designed things at Peloton Interactive.
Currently Reading
Bullets and Opium, a collection of stories by Liao Yiwu
Currently Building
Caprine, a Facebook Messenger desktop app
Currently listening to
Reply All, a podcast by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman