Creating a cutting edge at-home fitness experience
I was a Product Design Intern at Peloton during the spring of 2019. I worked on several projects over the course of eight weeks, varying from systems design to unify designs across Peloton’s many platforms to crafting the responsiveness of a feature.

A key part of working at Peloton is that design is thought of across a wide range of platforms. Peloton has two hardware devices—the stationary bike and the treadmill—which house a large interactive screen. All my designs were pushed to consider how the digital interfaces could work fluidly with an intense physical experience. Peloton also has a mobile, web, and TV app, and features must be translated into these contexts as well.


Delivering good for the summer of 2018
During the summer of 2018, I was a Product Design Intern at DoorDash as part of the Kleiner Perkins Fellowship Program. Unfortunately, I can’t share the details of everything I worked on just yet—but I’ll be updating this page as the features I worked on are released.

I worked on several projects over the course of thirteen weeks at DoorDash. Working on these features involved concepting and ideation, producing interface designs and functional specs for development with Figma and Zeplin, as well as prototyping interactions with Principle. I collaborated with design, project management, engineering, and research teams to ensure the designs were well-informed, practical, and delightful. One of my favorite things about designing at DoorDash was that I was placed on high-impact, core experience projects that directly affected a complex multi-facing market.

Here are some cool things I learned how to make:
• A prototype guide for a new consumer-facing feature
• A design system for standardizing specific metadata across the consumer platform
• Future vision concepts for a three-sided market comprised of Dashers, merchants, and consumers

COMING SOON: Read about my experience on Medium

Stay Tuned

I'll be sharing my work here as soon as the features are launched!